This insurance that you buy before the situation arises. So in other words, the aim of insurance is to help you prepare for worst by paying for preventive care.

About pet insurance preventive care:

First of all, read everything carefully before you buy pet insurance preventive care. Consult with your veterinarian & find out what preventive care you should consider in terms of purchasing policy.

-Buying insurance can reduce the cost of paying vet bills -Greater convenience in catching a problem before it becomes a serious -Protects pet's independence

Pros of pet insurance preventive care:

Pet insurance preventive care helps in ensuring your pet's veterinary visit is well covered, with valid premium. Large sum of cash will not be left unspent. It also covers emergencies with premium.

If your pet has had any health issues they haven't been detected by yourself & thus far it hasn't been necessary for you to pay for expensive medical treatment.

Pros of pet insurance preventive care:

In pet insurance preventive care older pets need pet insurance more as they are prone to diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. Pet insurance covers this ailment & also gives you the peace of mind.

Cons of pet insurance preventive care:

-An high premium when you go to your primary care vet instead of provider in plan. -Cancellation fees. -Your pet could go on medication that you are allergic to.

In pet insurance preventive care if you are on a short trip & you need to bring your pet with you, be prepared to pay more money for a pet-friendly hotel and note will not pay for preventative care.