A vet will review your pet's health history and record and offer an extensive treatment plan, including medication, diet and exercise recommendations, and wellness checks.

About pet wellness plans:

Regarding pet wellness plans, despite generally healthy pet population, at-home healthcare can become costly, & pets often don’t receive recommended vet attention. These plans are cost-effective too.

This insurance policy cover does not replace the normal insurance when it covers certain treatments. There is also no need to make a co-pay when visiting the regular vet.

Pros of pet wellness plans:

In pet wellness plans, rather than just getting a checkup once a year or so and treating the occasional illness, you can get the guidance and treatment you need to keep your pet healthier and happy.

This policy is simple and covers a broad range of cost including the cost of check ups, spay/neuter and vaccinations, most pet owners have pet insurance for expensive vets.

Pros of pet wellness plans:

Relating to pet wellness plans, a healthy pet has a happier pet parent which is true. We do our best to provide the best diet, exercise, safety & training for best health and happiness of our pets.

Cons of pet wellness plans:

-Company has the right to keep  insurance policy if they do not keep client. -Plans may not cover expensive treatments. -Are not required by law. -Lack of accountability.

In pet wellness plans if you have a dog, these should be very important to you, since they typically include vet visits, medications & treatments they have otherwise, as well as prevention programs.