These policy plans differ greatly regarding what they cover. It can range from paying for physical therapy or housekeeping, to reimbursing you for missed wages.

About physician disability insurance:

In physician disability insurance potential effects of the illness or injury may include significant financial losses and inability to continue working, which can seriously impact physicians’ ability.

-It’s like any other insurance you have. For most people, benefits can be applied to employer-provided insurance through the group insurance market or insurer.

Pros of physician disability insurance:

Physician disability insurance is designed to help physicians meet their financial obligations & maintain a standard of living while recovering from physical or mental illness or injury by accidents.

-Medical costs that exceed premiums, or medical costs that exceed total lifetime benefits, are immediately paid to the employer in full so its good to save.

Pros of physician disability insurance:

A physician disability insurance policy will generally offer benefits related to financial security, such as health savings account contributions, coverage for unpaid medical bills, & reimbursement.

-It's an additional expense for people who are already on a tight budget -May not be available for people who need coverage in a hurry -Primary purpose of study

Cons of physician disability insurance:

Physician disability insurance is the primary protection for certain individuals. Recent study found the number of Americans who had lost their jobs due to illness or injury has increased past years.