People with disabilities have trouble getting a job or working full time. Because this is not tied to work schedule, it's less likely to make paycheck meaningless.

About private disability insurance:

The best benefit of private disability insurance is that it can be purchased to cover all kinds of medical and other costs that are not available through government disability programs everywhere.

-It is an easy to understand product that provides coverage for various disabilities -Significant proportion of insurance agents are disability insurance experts

Pros of private disability insurance:

Significant percentage of private disability insurance products offer optional riders which serve as a supplement to primary disability insurance. Most of these optional riders can adjusted annually.

-Assets of the insured are not counted in computation of premium, which makes it easy to justify the premium cost when compared to traditional insurance premiums.

Pros of private disability insurance:

If you’re younger, the private disability insurance company calculates your premiums based on your overall health conditions and how much you might be able to earn along with living your disability.

-You need to have medical exams & general knowledge of your general condition. Disability benefits policies are expensive, & benefits increase at much lower pace.

Cons of private disability insurance:

The cost of obtaining & maintaining a private disability insurance policy can be reduced by eliminating lots of additional admin or reporting tasks. Benefits usually increase each year with inflation.