Cover will be provided on a per incident basis & will provide coverage for a number of different situations, such as product liability, fraud, harassment etc.

About professional liability insurance:

Professional liability insurance coverage a business can purchase will depend on many factors, including the type of business they run, the number of employees they have, the location of the business.

-It is the cheapest and safest way to insure a company for their liability problems. It is also one of the most costly, since this insurance is expensive.

Pros of professional liability insurance:

When selecting a professional liability insurance plan, you must first consider type of occupation you are engaged in. Your need & requirement will dictate the type of insurance you should purchase.

-It is one of the most expensive, since liability insurance is expensive. This insurance can save your company lots of money. It is also not that expensive.

Pros of professional liability insurance:

Different types of professional liability insurance policy coverage plans provide different coverage. Each plan varies in details and must be applied correctly in order to give the desired results.

Pros of professional liability insurance:

-It protects client & employees from potential negative impacts of lawsuits, such as threats of reduced profit, loss of reputation & damage to company assets.

Under an appropriate professional liability insurance policy, you may be covered for your actual losses and those resulting from any negligent acts of your professional liability insurance provider.