This wellness insurance plan is a wellness program for pups. It is an intervention to minimize and prevent health problems related to mobility, weight, and dental health.

About puppy wellness plan:

Puppy wellness plan insurance program policy allows dog owners to sign up for wellness programs in advance and receive regular emails and text messages with premium wellness reminders and advice.

-Super convenient, especially if you’re either a student or live abroad and are unable to take your dog on holidays -Helps you keep track of any issues your dog might have

Pros of puppy wellness plan:

In puppy wellness plan insurance cover, while almost all pups have to go to the vet at some point, knowing the right time to bring your pup into the office or local veterinary hospital can be tricky.

-Meets your dog's physical and mental health needs. -This insurance policy helps reduce behavior issues in young pups. -Is a holistic, long-term approach to animal care.

Pros of puppy wellness plan:

Most difficult thing about the puppy wellness plan is change of owners. Not everyone is able to take a new pup with them,if it is a boarder. This plan will get you a better return on your investment.

Cons of puppy wellness plan:

-Doesn't give pups many extra benefits. -It doesn't always cover specialty care or preventive care & can result in significant cost to owner for those kinds of services.

Puppy wellness plan is a progressive, yet somewhat simple, program that can be implemented at a clinic. There is no rush with establishing program, but once established it, it is easy to maintain it.