The first thing you should do is contact your company’s human resources department to find out whether your employer offers short term disability benefits.

About purchasing short term disability:

Regarding purchasing short term disability, always talk to your employer about this disability before time of need. If you do have an illness or injury while working, then you will probably qualify.

-Income certainty. -Guaranteed pay if employee is on disability. -Allows employee to take more time if needed. -Effective use of other disability policies.

Pros of purchasing short term disability:

During purchasing short term disability if you are denied this disability insurance, you can appeal the decision in writing to your insurance company & follow up in-person to discuss the decision.

-It's a flexible option with a degree of medical certainty. -Do not need to pay out of your own pocket for it. -You can apply before your current pregnancy.

Pros of purchasing short term disability:

Best thing of purchasing short term disability insurance policy cover is the benefits can be a great bargaining chip when negotiating long term disability, because you’re already doing it anyway.

Cons of purchasing short term disability:

-There is no additional payment if the sick days are used up. -Administering the policy can be confusing. -Contingency plan changes the terms of the policy.

While purchasing short term disability, you should also be aware that companies may choose not to cover this disability claims. This means that your employer may not be liable to pay compensation.