This is a small yearly subscription plan that allows owners to purchase an insurance plan for their senior dog(s) that offers veterinary care and prescription drugs.

What is Senior Dog Insurance?

Senior Dog Insurance is designed to be a simple way for pet owners to protect their senior dogs as they grow older. It's a benefit that takes into account many changes that happen as your dog ages.

- Two to Five-year premium coverage - No deductible for routine premiums (unless there is a serious injury to the dog) - Tracks your dog's activity with GPS technology

Pros of Senior Dog Insurance:

Senior Dog Insurance will cover many of unforeseen costs that come with senior dogs. This includes any medical costs that are beyond your control & cannot be covered by other pet insurance companies.

- This is not the cheapest, best insurance out there. Think of it as your dog's dog insurance. - No money towards veterinary bills if your dog needs any emergency care. 

Cons of Senior Dog Insurance:

Senior dog insurance helps senior dogs in situations such as being abandoned, getting sick or experiencing old age & illness. This policy is ideal for dogs like military working dogs & K9 search dogs.

Senior Dog Insurance works by linking pet parents with participating veterinary hospitals who provide lifetime pet health plans at a discounted cost to the customer.

About Senior Dog Insurance:

Senior Dog Insurance exists to serve a special demographic: older dogs. Once your vet issues a prescription, Senior Dog Insurance perform the vaccinations at any state-of-the-art clinical facility.