If you need to temporarily drop out of workforce because of disability, this can help you maintain your financial well-being, no matter how long you are out of work.

About short disability insurance:

Short disability insurance allows an insured to get insurance for a period of time that is shorter than what is required by Affordable Care Act. These insurance policy plans are shorter in duration.

▪ Includes the same coverage as full disability insurance ▪ Can provide income replacement for as much as half of the time spent in a short-term disability scenario

Pros of short disability insurance:

Short disability insurance is particularly beneficial for people who have been recently injured and are looking for insurance coverage while they are on the mend. These tend to offer lower premiums.

– Short policies are easier to cancel or modify. – Coverage can start immediately after you leave your job, and you can switch carriers without losing coverage.

Pros of short disability insurance:

Short disability insurance plan coverage policies can include flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts. Many employers & others provide reimbursement for short-term disability benefits.

Cons of short disability insurance:

– If you become sick or injured & are out of work, you’ll have to wait until you’re reinstated by your company to start receiving benefits. - Can have short period

A good reason to consider short disability insurance policy is that you may get injured, become disabled, or become ill. Short-term disability insurance has built-in benefits that cover emergencies.