When you're temporarily disabled person by a work-related normal accident or illness, it is essential that you are able to take any necessary time off from work.

About short term disability benefits:

A short term disability benefits adviser will help you understand what your options are and guide you through the claims process and others so that you don't miss out on the support that you need.

Short term disability can be an attractive option for individuals who want a short term disability plan but don't qualify for full time disability benefits.

Pros of short term disability benefits:

Most people qualify for short term disability benefits. Amount that you qualify for benefits depends on your age, when you were employed, your company’s disability plan, and your home state’s laws.

- The worker has the ability to claim it in their personal bank account. - There is high average percentage of benefits paid out compared to regular savings.

Pros of short term disability benefits:

If you have been diagnosed with a severe medical condition, a disorder that you have treated, or a condition that you expect to have in the future, you may qualify for short term disability benefits. 

Cons of short term disability benefits:

Most plans don't cover prescription drugs & will only pay for doctors visits & hospital visits. A plan may offer additional cover long term prescription drugs.

Short term disability benefits is designed to cover disability at a rate of 26.5% of pay. A worker must work for a year, have worked at a minimum of 80 hours per week & been injured for six months.