People think that short term disability is a temporary loss of pay. Total costs will be the most expensive if your accident happened in your first 4 years of working.

About short term disability cost:

If your accident or illness was caused by an cause not related to your job, you will likely owe little for short term disability cost. You will pay income taxes on entire amount of benefits you get.

-Quick pay for nursing home -High aftercare benefits -State doesn't have to pay out on your benefits -Higher payout for workers who get sick while they are on leave

Pros of short term disability cost:

Your short term disability cost can be $10 per month. There's no long term medical underwriting or plan payments for this, but company will generally require you to submit the medical documents.

-No treatment limits -Short term disability doesn't require application & don't limit the treatment you can receive -401K deductible -No 401K employer contributions

Pros of short term disability cost:

You can't collect when been out of work for less than a year. So it's an important benefit for when your health takes a turn. The short term disability cost can be more expensive than an illness.

Cons of short term disability cost:

-It can be expensive. -You may have to continue paying into your 401K during your stay on short term disability. -High deductible means higher out-of-pocket costs.

Make sure to know the normal short term disability cost when you first take the benefit, maximum your benefits will cover, and the age limit. The lower your salary the longer you can stay off the job.