Under this you're typically allowed to take up to 12 weeks unpaid time off work for reasons that can't be otherwise be accounted for or can be medically related.

About short term disability coverage:

Since some states offer very specific rules about the sorts of things, it's helpful to have more information than you might be able to gather with a standard short term disability coverage policy.

-You can walk away from job if your health was reason for becoming temporarily unable to work. -You don't have to stress financially to qualify for disability.

Pros of short term disability coverage:

Short term disability coverage often not the best financial plan, but the big picture is that you have to have funds available to meet expenses. It takes away the anxiety of having to work full time.

-No pre-existing conditions rule -No premium & lower deductible -Individual & employer's total cost is same -Offers flexibility for employer to control benefits

Pros of short term disability coverage:

With short term disability coverage you can be separated from your employer for a long period of time if you are on short term disability. You may not receive full pay while on short term disability.

Cons of short term disability coverage:

-Your weekly hours are not necessarily dependable. -If your health were your main issue you would not qualify for this policy plan coverage in the first place.

Short term disability coverage policy plan does not offer supplemental coverage for the growing number of new employees with employer based coverage who can receive lump sum payments for future years.