It can be obtained for a number of reasons like experiencing a disabling condition as a disability, knee injury, cancer, or another illness & so unable to work.

About short term disability insurance:

It is also possible to find short term disability insurance to supplement Social Security benefits. You can obtain this insurance cover from variety of sources, including a broker or insurance agent.

-Get paid in full when you are injured or ill, or if you die. Only times this is no longer true is if you have had cancer or someone else in the family died.

Pros of short term disability insurance:

With short term disability insurance you get your benefits back when you are fully recovered. For serious illnesses or diseases, like cancer, short-term disability insurance can replace your income.

-No requirement to disclose your coverage to your employer. -It is cheaper than many health plans. -If you work for a large company, company may provide this.

Pros of short term disability insurance:

The options of this short term disability insurance are limitless – with as little as three months of no income, the benefits and coverage is only limited by your budget and the kind of job you have.

Pros of short term disability insurance:

-Main reason why many employers offer this type of insurance is so that employees can take paid time off for birth or adoption of a child, health issues etc.

Short term disability insurance can earn interest on premiums you pay as well as interest that accumulates in account. This can really help when you are trying to cover expenses & need to save money.