The good news is that we don't need to worry about that right now, because we have an option to cancel short term disability with no penalties if we want to. 

About short term disability payments:

In short term disability payments the unemployment pay can be continued for a period of months or for life. This is a significant amount of compensation for people who are out of the daily work.

-Excludes losses from a prolonged illness. -Gives the insured time to earn back the lost income. -Provides additional time to re-enter the workforce easily. 

Pros of short term disability payments:

With short term disability payments if you are self-employed, you can get the same amount as full-time employment. When you start to lose your job, amount will be based on your previous compensation.

-This disability is usually much more generous than other forms of insurance. -Disability benefits will likely be higher than you can get from your employer.

Pros of short term disability payments:

The short term disability payments coverage insurance policy option can provide a bridge from job to job for those who have been forced out of a job because of injury, disability, or other reasons.

Cons of short term disability payments:

Short term disability benefits only pay for disability as it occurs. If you wait until you are 90 years old and eligible for Medicare, you will be out of luck.

In short term disability payments you are required to have 50% of your normal income in your 401(k), IRA, or other retirement plan to qualify for a disability benefit. These give benefit as it occurs.