This policy provides a certain period of time in which you can take care of your health & work from home. Cost of insurance policy depends upon condition you have.

About short term disability plans:

Short term disability plans include initial coverage of 24 months for employees & dependents with 10 or more years of service. Maximum plan may include up to maximum of 52 weeks of benefit in a year.

-Is tax-free. -High level of flexibility for an employer. -Does not require employees to pay monthly premiums. -Allows some employers to provide wellness benefits.

Pros of short term disability plans:

Short term disability plans can be an excellent supplemental insurance plan to own if you are self-employed. If you choose to run your own business, it is very important to have insurance in place.

Because of the high level of flexibility, employers are not required to provide employee assistance programs or mental health care to cover employees covered.

Note for short term disability plans:

Short term disability plans insurance policy coverage are considered to be one of best disability covers available in India. It can be said as the employment term will last a maximum of 60 to 90 days.

Cons of short term disability plans:

- Only cover workers for the first six months of employment. - Multiple insureds, meaning everyone with short term disability insurance needs to purchase coverage.

Short term disability plans coverage can be taken in case of an injury or illness to one or more body parts. The employer will pay the rest of the employee's salary until he/she recovers completely.