Short term disability insurance policy cover plans are not designed to cover your full time income. Long term disability plans are for cover for remainder of your life.

About short term disability:

If you have used short term disability insurance, you should call your insurance provider & confirm that the amount of benefits paid will be same as if you had continued receiving insurance premiums.

-Guaranteed income for absence from work -Ability to earn additional income while on leave, due to commissions, bonuses, etc. -Compensation Benefit Funding for schooling

Pros of short term disability:

Eliminating both your wage & wages from short term disability insurance cover plans may force you to make some tough choices, especially when faced with large employer contributions to their schemes.

-Easier to budget and understand -Reputation of being more than just a means to pay for health insurance (although certainly benefits are included, they don't have to)

Pros of short term disability:

What short term disability covers is when employees have an unexpected and temporary disability. It is necessary for them to take a day or two off work every so often. Companies only cover sick leave.

-Health insurance coverage not always available for parents under short term disability plan. -Money may be lost or spent if you are off for a longer period of time.

Cons of short term disability:

Short term disability insurance policy coverage protects you if you have an accident or become ill, so you can still get a paycheck & keep from missing work. It's typically limited to around 60 days.