Regardless of health care law's long-term impact on insurance market, there will always be short-term disability policies that will be available for people who need it.

About short time disability:

Amount that a short time disability can pay will depend on a few things, including your current income, how much you have already received, & whether you are a smoker or you drink alcohol excessively.

-No requirement to return to work after injury, disability policies don't allow this, so you'll get money while you are off. -Recognized by the IRS & therefore tax free.

Pros of short time disability:

The short time disability is a type of health insurance in America. It is also one of the biggest insurance that is given to an employee if he is having a health problem for less than six months.

-You have benefit of longer vacation period to recover from illnesses or injuries. -You have the benefit of flexibility to take sick leave & personal leave in any month.

Pros of short time disability:

The short time disability coverage insurance can be acquired by either bringing down to work, an activity day where the worker takes part in other activities such as working from home or home-working.

Cons of short time disability:

-Some companies don’t pay benefits if you are in short disability. In most cases though, you will receive some compensation for your lost earnings from your paycheck.

Short time disability program was created in 1983, & it was created because government discovered that long term disability was expensive than short disability & there were many people on disability.