They can offer something that a monetary policy cannot and one that, if negotiated with government, can possibly keep your home & allow you to work less.

About social security disability benefits:

When you’re receiving Social Security disability benefits coverage, your monthly check is based on the number of years you were disabled. You may receive additional benefits if you’re a veteran.

-You don't have to worry about how much you're going to have to pay out of pocket. -These benefits can be paid at a reduced rate for your income level.

Pros of social security disability benefits:

Social security disability benefits are paid to disabled persons who are unable to work because of injury, or a disorder. Benefits go to a person who can prove that they have had a certain disability.

If you are eligible, you are entitled to survivor benefit payments after death of spouse. You have payments if your spouse was eligible for, & later died.

Pros of social security disability benefits:

In social security disability benefits, they can allow you to get a monthly income for your family, and a home. Disability payments can buy a home & may even allow you to pay for medical care.

Cons of social security disability benefits:

-If disability payments are refused you will have to go through a long, process. -There is possibility that you might lose your home or other property.

Regarding social security disability benefits may allow you to work less and earn more income. These disability benefits may be less than the cost of living, allowing your earnings to be replaced.