If you are disabled and on disability, then you could get SSI benefits. If you are not disabled and able to work, then you could be eligible for working people SSI.

About state disability benefits:

Regarding state disability benefits, consistency of welfare payments may cause social exclusion of people with disabilities. Child of the person with disabilities is also entitled to these benefits.

-Reasonable accommodation for job search and work requirements. -Salary replacement for lost wages and benefits. -Health benefits in the event of illness or injury.

Pros of state disability benefits:

State disability benefits have fewer resources available for high-quality lawyers & are not always easy to find. Disability lawyers know what questions to ask to make disability more easily justified.

-Receive higher state benefits than the federally-funded programs. -Earn disability benefits without working. -Get continued federal healthcare insurance coverage.

Pros of state disability benefits:

In case of state disability benefits your state can provide vital benefits and help locate disability lawyers in your state who are well-versed in state disability law and ready to help you always.

Cons of state disability benefits:

-Requirements and reporting responsibilities for both state and federal programs. -Limited benefits for able-bodied people with income above the poverty level.

Relating to state disability benefits, common disabilities include arthritis, back and neck problems, cardiovascular, neurological disorders and stroke. Employers are not required to pay benefits.