Your hearing is important to make a claim for full disability benefits. Depending on your case, it could be in court for a long time, so you need to have right attorney.

About state disability claim:

Most cases take about three to four months, however some take much longer, so you need to plan ahead for this. There are a lot of state payment experts who can help you with state disability claim.

-You can qualify based on medical test. -Only way to qualify for disability is by reaching a certain age. -Government will pay you regardless of the circumstances.

Pros of state disability claim:

Regarding state disability claim it is shocking and saddening to learn that the state workers compensation commission has denied claims to a number of injured Texans who should have been compensated.

-State will pay benefits for up to four years after reaching age of retirement -One cannot apply for federal disability because their benefits have already been claimed

Pros of state disability claim:

State disability claim an be backdated to a date of commission, or date that a state-regulated impairment occurred, this is often an excellent strategy for early retirement due to illness or injury.

Cons of state disability claim:

-Elevated risks of becoming victim of economic downturn & running out of SSDI benefits before your state benefits -Lack of control over decisions in financial matters

In state disability claim, since states have capacity to provide benefits, this can create the potential for significant retirement benefit & if you are over age 65, chances of winning are high.