It’s reliable. Many people assume that if they are sick, injured or disabled that they will receive benefits. But not in this country, where 67 million get nothing.

About state disability insurance:

The state disability insurance is accessible. Since the first recipients received checks in 1936, over 80 million people have been enrolled in the Social Security Disability Insurance policy program.

-Maximum benefit amount that is based on income & not on actual amount of disability income. -All benefits are for one person only & not jointly with anyone else.

Pros of state disability insurance:

The employer-sponsored state disability insurance will have a payroll tax, which must be paid by employer in addition to the employee. This payroll tax will benefit disability insurance plan as well.

-It will reduce employee benefits to cover the cost of employer-sponsored disability insurance policy plan, leaving the employee with the majority of the income.

Pros of state disability insurance:

Cost of the state disability insurance plan will also typically be tax-free or may be tax-deductible, making it an attractive employee-sponsored benefit. People with disabilities can avoid payments.

-It’s for everybody. Most people who receive benefits do not make enough money to benefit from it. -Depending on your work history, it may be too late to enroll.

Cons of state disability insurance:

Depending on state and type of state disability insurance, contributions from employee to plan will typically be tax-free or may be tax-deductible, making it an attractive employer-sponsored benefit.