Anyone with a qualifying medical condition, such as cancer, may apply for emergency medical leave or a temporary medical certificate. This is an exception to wait period.

About state disability leave:

With this individuals who use the short-term disability plan offered by their health insurance companies now have more opportunities to take advantage of this state disability leave which is good.

-Can extend your trip or holiday further. -Employees might be more inclined to show up to work or to change the schedule that's convenient for their mental health.

Pros of state disability leave:

Regarding state disability leave if a person becomes disabled while employed by a person or an agency that is self-supporting, disability agency must file an application for the required disability.

• It’s paid. • You can designate a state employee to handle your case. • It takes up to a year to find another job, which is longer than most disability benefits.

Pros of state disability leave:

Depending on the extent of the disability of the person, you may need to take an the extended state disability leave, lesser or longer time for recovery depending on the condition of the patient.

Cons of state disability leave:

• It doesn’t give you the job security. • You have to pay back some or all of your pay if you do find another job. • It doesn’t guarantee you can keep the same job.

In state disability leave it gives you freedom to work as well as a certain amount of time off from work to take care of other important things. It has the capacity to lessen the burden of your job.