You should read the information & instructions on form carefully before submitting it. If you are going to the emergency room, company will not pay for your visit.

About state short term disability:

In state short term disability certain state employees to elect a policy that generally provides for monthly payments based on the percentage of time an employee is permanently and partially disabled.

-Selection process is simple & fast. -Easy Processing Fees. -You have all rights as a worker & employer. -Everyone has rights to file an appeal in case of query.

Pros of state short term disability:

A state short term disability plan can help your employee by supplementing their income by 10-20 percent on an hourly or daily basis. When you hire your employee you will be covered under this policy.

-Disability is governed by the individual state laws. -Disability claim is discharged within 60 days and companies get their money from insurance companies.

Pros of state short term disability:

State short term disability plan is for maximum of 12 weeks. Coverage is based on your employee’s age, past medical conditions, & amount of hours worked including exclusion from Workers Compensation.

Cons of state short term disability:

-Maximum benefits are little less than full comp & if you are a business owner to have equity that needs to be distributed if you lose a part time remote employee.

State short term disability plans are a guaranteed insurance plan. Insured employees take a week or less of benefits every 6 months. These plans are offered through payroll or through insurers.