You must file your claim within 30 days from the first day you became disabled. If you file your claim later, you must show a "good reason" for not filing on time.

About state temporary disability benefits:

If you suffered a temporary illness or injury as an employee, but your medical condition was not caused by your job, you may be eligible for benefits through the state temporary disability benefits.

-If you can't do your actual job, then you're disabled. -To receive disability benefits, you must show that you are unable to perform any type of work.

State temporary disability benefits is valid on:

In state temporary disability benefits many professionals, it is easier to prove that you are incapable of doing real business than any job. Say you're neurosurgeon who develops an essential tremor.

-You should review your plan document or Summary Plan Statement (SPD). If you need help deciphering these documents, contact an experienced attorney.

Pros of state temporary disability benefits:

In state temporary disability benefits under any business plan, insurance company may argue that you are still capable of teaching, running a medical practice, or working as a telehealth therapist.

Cons of state temporary disability benefits:

-These plans have exclusions & limits. It's good idea to understand this fine print before choosing a private disability plan or applying for benefits.

While state temporary disability benefits exclusion periods are not as long as their long-term disability counterparts, you will still have to wait a bit before you are eligible for monthly benefits.