This option gives you insurance for third party liability & covers you for your own car in case of injury or damage. It can be also handy when you have your car washed.

About third party car insurance:

Third party car insurance is by far best available insurance today. They have excellent rates & comprehensive coverage to allow for max coverage. These types of insurance are offered in most states.

- Freedom to drive what you want - Reputation amongst dealers is good - Income dependent - Cash back - Easy to compare - Affordable - Appealing to Millennials

Pros of third party car insurance:

Your third party car insurance provider will advise you about the required level of insurance coverage. If you fail to disclose the amount of coverage you have, then your insurance will be invalid. 

- More expensive than other options - Cannot have two vehicles with one company as they use two sets of admin information & prices could be the same but for one car

Cons of third party car insurance:

Third party car insurance covers many of the losses and liabilities that you would have had had your car not been driven by you. It may not cover loss of life or bodily injury caused by third party.

It is important to note that you are not responsible for paying for these insurance policies. However, if you have a claim you are responsible for paying deductible.

About third party car insurance:

Third party car insurance companies prefer to offer you a cheaper rate if you have a good model. They also make sure that you have best possible cover for it. So you have to make sure that it is best.