This insurance, typically offered by an insurer, pays out in case of a car accident. Amount you can claim will depend on part of country, & how you’re driving your car.

About third party insurance:

Certain insurance companies are only available to those who have third party insurance on their car, or the vehicle they’re driving. These will then tell you about other companies that they work with.

- Many add-ons available, including things like home fire & flood insurance - It's good to have a variety of benefits - Access to many companies offering discounts.

Pros of third party insurance:

Private insurers do not always make the process of securing third party insurance easy and transparent. And their policy holders do not always have access to the insurance policy provider's database

- You'll have to pay deductible out-of-pocket - If something happens to car during a trip, it wont be covered - Third party insurance usually comes with higher rates

Cons of third party insurance:

Different insurance policy companies have different terms and conditions so you need to check with your current insurer and investigate third party insurance before you buying third party insurance.

You also need to consider what if anything your insured is going to provide you in the case of an accident. Usually the best thing to do is check your insurance contract.

About third party insurance:

You can buy third party insurance in your own country & travel to your desired destination without being stranded There is no need to pre-book a tour in advance, this way you can visit local markets.