Your disability is a full or total disability. You will now be covered for medical, vocational and other types of insurance for all of your care taking and living expenses.

About total disability:

Total disability is a condition in which one is unable to carry out more major activities of daily living. Depending on the severity disability is classified as "moderate," "severe" or "intellectual."

-You won't be bullied -You can be part of your child's life -You can sleep anytime -You won't have to go back to work -You won't be scared of going to the bathroom in public

Pros of total disability:

Tax rules regarding total disability need to be met in order for someone to deduct expenses & pay taxes due. If someone loses their vision due to glaucoma, they need to report loss on their tax return

-You won't be afraid to get food for your child -You won't have to worry about career -You can still be a parent without much work/life balance -Your child will be taken care

Pros of total disability:

Total disability includes income generated from disability, lost wages and living expenses. It becomes more prevalent as a result of certain legal changes, like increase in workers' compensation.

–From some point you are not able to move. This is the "bread and butter" of TBI rehab. –Insurer companies do not cover it. –Low monthly medical expenses policy coverage

Pros of total disability:

Total disability is a broad term that refers to a wide range of disabilities. These include, but are not limited to, visual impairment, hearing loss, & any other loss or lack of function that is bad.