If you apply for unemployment benefits and are found to meet the requirements, you will generally be paid a rate per hour for every hour of weekly day of the duty.

About unemployment disability:

People who are jobless for long periods can claim unemployment disability benefits in certain circumstances. Benefits paid to people who are ill, injured or made redundant can be regarded as income.

-Pay is provided without obligation to work or look for work. -You can take some time off if you are really sick or injured, and won’t be penalized. -It isn’t taxable.

Pros of unemployment disability:

Unemployment disability lets you work under certain conditions (family members under 20 can be a part of the workforce). It gives you funds to buy food and clothing, so you do not starve to death.

-It’s better than no health insurance. -You can keep your state ID with your name on it for when you work. -You get to keep your car if you need it for transportation.

Pros of unemployment disability:

Unemployment disability allows you have all welfare benefits increase in poverty, necessitating more unemployment insurance payouts. With this individuals tend to do what they can to make ends meet.

-Most employers are not keen to hire people on that basis. -It allows people to put themselves under stress. -You may not be able to get social housing on that basis.

Cons of unemployment disability:

In unemployment disability, so-called “disability” can provide access to government-funded medical system and, therefore, can also provide access to one of expensive government-run medical systems.