If your house has been unoccupied for a longer period of time than your house insurance is used to you could be at risk of losing your home if unoccupied for long.

About unoccupied house insurance:

One common misconception is that unoccupied house insurance policy won't cover your home if it is damaged due to a fire & that you have to buy new unoccupied house insurance to get a replacement home.

- The house insurance policy is relatively inexpensive. - House insurance protects the owner’s personal property. - House insurance is available immediately.

Pros of unoccupied house insurance:

Insurance companies are less likely to price the average house owner's policy for an unoccupied home condition. You can find unoccupied house insurance with less expensive premiums through agents.

It is not as effective in protection from theft & types of vandalism. No protection if your house burns down. No protection in case of accidental fire or burglary.

Cons of unoccupied house insurance:

A majority of unoccupied house insurance are rarely involved in a claim, so the risk of one is very low. If one does happen, insurance companies pay for a property damage claim. No state requirement.

It will cover both the costs of the house & the costs of any renovations you may do to it. Insurance companies only cover certain damages, at the value of your home.

About unoccupied house insurance:

A majority of unoccupied house insurance are taken into consideration into account, of risk of fire, burglary and vandalism, the structure of your property and the probability of having a claim.