This insurance gives access to leave and is easier to recruit new staff. This relaxes the typical employment rules for people who have had an accident or illness.

About voluntary long term disability:

Voluntary long term disability is helpful to pay for your un-related expenses for a longer period of time. You will still be able to make money and also will not need to worry about any other bills.

-The claim can be resolved out of court. -This will also enable you to enjoy peace of mind and be able to focus on your daily routine as a business owner.

Pros of voluntary long term disability:

In voluntary long term disability fees are high compared to annuity, which is best source for retirement income. It will be up to you to make your retirement goal so you can survive without earning.

-There is no financial risk for employers. Employers can choose to make contributions to workers income rather than have their employee's pay the entire amount.

Pros of voluntary long term disability:

In voluntary long term disability any injury may affect your earning. If you work with contractors, you need to be very careful with the payment arrangements and timeliness of payment of contractors.

Cons of voluntary long term disability:

Process of disability is difficult especially when you are not a trained or certified medical doctor or lawyer. You can hardly get justice when  claim is filed.

In voluntary long term disability at least you know you will not lose benefits. If you have a small family, you may qualify for a spouse to qualify on your behalf (rather expensive & time consuming).